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Apocrypha Now

ArticleI spent my project time yesterday cleaning up the interface for my Salta program, but the real action came by surprise at the end of the day. Surfing for any records from the heyday of the game (I was curious about those newspaper puzzles, which I have yet to turn up), I found this article from the seemingly now-defunct Abstract Games Magazine.

Cool, the author actually turned up a rulebook from 1902!

Crap, the rulebook proves that Bell and Schmittberger were wrong. Continue reading Apocrypha Now

Feature Creep

Salta board
I’ve stumbled into another graphic redesign of a classic strategy game. I lay the blame on Schmittberger’s New Rules for Classic Games. Based on the marketing blurbs, I expected the book to be all game variants, but that’s not exactly so. Schmittberger also gets into regional variations on folk games (which is what got me thinking again about International Checkers) as well as lesser-known games that can be played using classic game parts. It’s this last category where I found Salta. Continue reading Feature Creep