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In a quirk of memory, I discovered a glaring omission when I went back and listened to that GAMBIT podcast. Matthew asks about the origins of the Thief mission “Undercover,” where you infiltrate an enemy space using false credentials. During the interview, I couldn’t remember where that idea had come from. Listening to the question afterwards, I immediately recalled the answer I should have given.

You see, back in Terra Nova, we had this code for easily swapping among various stats and graphics for different suits of powered battle armor, because you had a choice of mission load-out. But, military uniforms being what they are, they all used much the same art style. To showcase the ability to swap suits, then, we came up with the idea of a mission where you’d wear space pirate armor to infiltrate an enemy base. Later, during Thief development, we went back to the well of that stealth mission when we picked the concept for “Undercover.”

If you’ve listened to the podcast, you’ll remember how part of the discussion has to do with the extent to which the game concept influences the feature set, and the extent to which the opposite is sometimes the case. The pirate mission in Terra Nova was definitely a good example of the latter.

My Turn in the GAMBIT Looking Glass interview series.

The Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab’s Matthew Weise has been conducting a podcast series interviewing various alumni of Looking Glass Studios. The first two episodes featured Austin Grossman (author of Soon I Will Be Invincible) and Harmonix’s Dan Schmidt. Episode 3 is Laura Baldwin and myself, along with GAMBIT’s Sara Verrilli.

The conversation mostly centers on the Thief series, as the project we three shared. But really, we talked and talked, so the topics are all over the map.