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Return of the iOS Roundup

As I mentioned it would, Tiger Style’s new game Lost Mars debuted at Austin’s Juegos Rancheros event. The very first report I saw made it sound to me like they were going for an emergent gameplay environment supported by interlocking systems of AI, physics, propagating stimuli and triggered response: in other words, something like a Looking Glass style simulation, if LG had made games for the iPhone. Continue reading Return of the iOS Roundup

One Degree of Separation iOS Roundup

Three new mobile gamesThere must be something in the water causing old colleagues of mine to release iOS games this fall. I know of at least three either recently released or coming soon (one of them also multi-platform for Android devices).

First (in alphabetical, if not chronological, order) is Tiger Style’s Lost Mars. The connection here is with Tiger Style founder Randy Smith, who I worked with on Thief. Anybody following the iOS game scene should already be familiar with Tiger Style’s debut offering, the multiple award-winning Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor. Tiger Style has let it be known for quite a while that their sophomore game was in the works, but are only now announcing Lost Mars, calling it “one part Metroid, one part 1970’s-era sci-fi film, and one part… gardening.” I’m expecting more details after the debut at Austin’s Juegos Rancheros event next week. Continue reading One Degree of Separation iOS Roundup