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Glory to Rome Nears Record Kickstarter Funding

The new edition of Glory to Rome is within striking distance of the record for the best-funded Kickstarter project in the board & card games category. That record is currently held by Eminent Domain with $48,379; Glory to Rome is 95% of the way there as I write this, with 11 days still to go.

Update: And, the following morning, it’s made it!

The game itself is very well-regarded, sitting in the Top 100 rated games at BoardgameGeek.com. Keep in mind that this is out of a database of many thousands, about 7000 or so of which have enough user votes to be ranked at all. Anything in the top 1000 or so is usually considered to be a very good game.

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The Stock Market

To look reasonably professional, a character description for RPGs needs a portrait (there are exceptions, such as minor characters imbedded in a larger work, but I want to mostly work on these things one at a time). That means sourcing artwork. I can’t draw, and I’m not interested in commissioning art for a noncommercial project, so stock art it is.

Terrible Character Portrait 'Zombie 3'As it happens, there’s a wide selection of stock art available, targeted at the indie RPG market. I’m going to be starting with Jeff Preston’s 108 Terrible Character Portraits, which is a collection that combines two virtues: skillful artwork, and being already been paid for. The whole thing was a Kickstarter campaign originally titled 60 Terrible Character Portraits For Creative Commons Release. As the inflation in the title suggests, the Kickstarter campaign greatly exceeded its goal, producing proportionately more artwork as it did so.

Being aimed at the commercial reuse market, it comes with nearly the most minimal of licenses, the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. This says you have to credit the creator, provide a link to the license, and that’s basically it.

I heartily approve of the whole project. Should I discover another similar effort in the future, I’ll have to pay it forward.