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Sealing the Deal

PathfindingI’ve gone and written a whole new planner for the endgame mode of my Salta AI. Before, it was already abandoning minimax search in the endgame, to achieve more search depth. But it was still basically just trying to optimize against a static evaluator. This only worked to actually get pieces all the way to their destinations if the moves that got them there were within the search tree, and it was fairly easy for that not to be the case for a number of pieces. Continue reading Sealing the Deal

Okay, Just For You

Time to admit that re-tuning my Salta AI has gone on long enough. Not that it’s perfect (its downright embarrassing sometimes) or that AI is the only thing I’ve been doing, but there are better things to be working on.

For example, I’m feeling motivated to get the thing playable by people other than me. This is thanks in part to at least one inquiry about such a thing. But really, it just seems like a good project. Continue reading Okay, Just For You

First Playable

Well, that was quick. I had a playable version of Salta vs. an AI opponent done by the end of the day yesterday. Having not worked with plugging a .DLL into a GameMaker app before, I wasn’t sure how smoothly it would go the first time. It wasn’t trouble-free — GameMaker basically gives the same unhelpful “something went wrong” message for any problem interfacing with a .DLL — but all my errors were small, and quickly corrected. So now my computer player is bolted onto my GameMaker front end as intended. Continue reading First Playable

Program Jumps

Some C code for Salta AI
This is what game design looks like sometimes, when you have the luxury of also being able to program. That is a luxury I didn’t have yet last week, when I set out to discover just how rusty I really was. The answer: pretty darn rusty at first, but very quickly much less so. That was discouraging before it was very encouraging. There’s probably a message there about the correct response to discouragement. Continue reading Program Jumps