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Racing game notes
Here we see what game design often entails, unglamorously enough: a spreadsheet. Well, actually a table, comparing and contrasting a motley assortment of racing games I happen to own, or have played. This is what it looks like for me to try to visualize the space of prior art, poking for holes in between the things that I know have already been done. People say I’m analytical.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been thinking about attempting a somewhat bigger project, something that isn’t quite so bound by the need to publish (or at least serialize) on a daily basis. The idea kicking around my head was suggested by the exercise above, prompted by the current design contest over at The Game Crafter. The contest theme is their selection of stock vehicle pieces, which got me thinking about just how many racing games I know. I wouldn’t have identified myself as a racing game fan, but it turns out I’ve got over a dozen.

The whole thing may not go anywhere. But it’s interesting enough for me to want to find out.

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