Terrible-er Character Portraits

Terrible Character Portraits mod gallery
A lot of people who find this site through search engines seem to be looking for character portraits. That makes sense, considering how much I’ve been talking about them. So, hey, if you’re here for that, have some.

See, earlier I said how I wanted to pay forward for Jeff Preston’s excellent Terrible Character Portraits pack. Then I went and modified a number of his works, certainly not for the better given my meager skills, but perhaps usefully. So I’m releasing all of those under the same Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. If you happen to need a grimlock, a little horned devil, or a really ugly pirate, here you go.

As derivative works, these are still protected by Preston’s copyright as well. So you need to conform to his license. Which is to say, don’t forget to credit him also! Preferably first. He did the important part.

Zip file of Terrible Character Portrait mods

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