Making Stuff (Day 0)

It’s about six months now since the end of my stint at 4mm Games, and I’m falling into one of the classic traps. The first three months, I focused on networking opportunities like GDC and PAX East, but lately I’ve been too often sidetracked by daily distractions.

I need to take a hard look at what it is I want to do. But I’m lacking external structure, so I’m thinking I need to impose some milestones on myself, specifically to make stuff. Committing to outputs should help my overall focus; and creative work might provide a better context for my goal-setting, which could otherwise be awfully nebulous.

“Make stuff” still isn’t a milestone, though, so I’m adding the additional layer to document making stuff. The goal will be to write about some type of creative project every day, for let’s say twenty-one days.

I suppose I could count this as Day 1 of documenting that project, but let’s not cut too much slack right out of the gate. I declare today Day 0.

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