Gamers’ Goodwill Generates Giving

With the annual Child’s Play drive just started (and I do encourage you to support their generous work) I wanted to mention a couple other gamers’ charities that merit your attention: The Spiel Foundation and the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund.

The Spiel Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides boardgame bundles to children’s hospitals and senior centers. If you plan to be in Dallas for BoardGameGeek Con next week, it may still be possible to register for their Spiel-a-thon team trivia fundraiser event. In addition to financial support, they also are looking for tips on games to include in the program, as well as volunteers to find beneficiary institutions.

The Jack Vasel Memorial Fund was founded a little under a year ago in the wake of the untimely passing of the infant Jack Vasel. The Fund’s mission is to help members of the gaming community in times of personal hardship. In addition to giving directly, you can participate in their fundraising auction, currently underway on

Also, lest I neglect Veterans’ Day/Armistice Day fast approaching, I’m interested in organizations sending care packages to service members. I’m woefully uninformed on that score, however, and open to recommendations.

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