Merchant of Venus Reprint Announced … One Time Too Many

Merchant of VenusWell, this is awkward.

Richard Hamblen’s Merchant of Venus is one of the great out-of-print holy grails of the hobby boardgame world. Originally published by Avalon Hill in 1988, copies these days will run you in the $200 range. So, it was good news when Stronghold Games announced that they had forged an agreement with Hamblen for a reprint of the game. Unless, that is, you were Fantasy Flight Games, for whom it was terrible news, since it turns out they had licensed the same rights from Hasbro (now-parent company of the defunct Avalon Hill).

Both companies are conducting their public statements on the matter in the most gentlemanly fashion, while nevertheless asserting that they believe they are in the right. It’s a little hard to imagine what a good outcome to this situation might look like, but here’s hoping for it.

Here are the statements from Stronghold Games and Fantasy Flight Games on the subject.

2 thoughts on “Merchant of Venus Reprint Announced … One Time Too Many”

  1. Well, let both companies do it, maybe we will get a non FFG rule book. You known, one that you can read through one time, clear rules, no typos in the rules or board and illustrated with some examples, can you say Elder Sign? Worst game I have ever purchased, no proof reading anywhere, only the forgiving FFG Fanboys keep this company in business. Love those $200 buck prices. Sold off a spare copy of The Adventurers: The Temple of Chac, for $20 bucks back when it was posted as going $40, sold in three days, knew it would go up, now selling for $80, well posted for $80 there seems to be few if none takers. I just wanted to move it. Anyone who buys games as an investment for profit, or lithographs, has a screw loose. Guy I sold it to wanted it to play with his daughter on those weekends he saw her. Went to a good home and I sleep well at night. Anyway, let’s hope we don’t have to kiss FFG’s ring to get an affordable copy of this game reprinted.

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