Rolling Control

Rolling ControlRolling Control is my team’s game from the Fall 2011 Boston Cardboard Game Jam. It’s a sort of dexterity/drafting/category dice game, with a commerce theme. Meaning what?

Well, the main hook is that your options depend not only on the face values of your die rolls, but where they happen to land. Depending on what your group agrees is a sportsmanlike way to throw the dice, you can take this as simply a lotto element or (my recommendation) make it a game of skill. Players then take it in turns to select dice, either placing new markers on the board to match the die, or scoring all matching markers in a given area. But since each player can only score each die face once per game, you are often obliged to create scoring opportunities that the other players will have first crack at.

The game was originally constructed using rubber train figures, colored wooden cubes for buildings, and color dice (as you can see in the photo, above). Since it’s hard to put wooden cubes and such in a .PDF file, however, the distributable version uses papercraft trains, along with company logo tokens designed to resemble the pattern of pips on the 1-5 faces of regular dice.

Company logo tokens

You can get the files here.

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