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Splash ScreenGetting my Salta AI now running in its own thread was the last major roadblock to having a presentable software project. And, while there’s a lot of stuff I’m still interested in doing, I’ve shipped way too many projects to imagine that I’ll ever consider it 100% done. After all, why should this be the first?

So, my focus right now has shifted to wrapping up presentation a bit …. along with chasing down bugs introduced by the threaded AI, of course. Because every change is a Defect Introduction Opportunity.

Included in this presentation pass are some features as if a lot of people were going to see the game, even though I’m still only distributing it to the relatively select readership here. The fun part of this was adding a Message of the Day, which the game fetches from this site. Now if I do send playtest copies out to anyone who doesn’t check back here, I can still give updates about new versions and such.

I think all of this amounts to a significant shift, so the next release will increment the major version number, to 1.0. Celebrate in the manner customary to your people.

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