Version 0.5 is Up

Salta Champ v.0.5.0 screenshot
Version 0.5.0 of my Salta project (currently calling itself Salta Champ because the old name was kind of like calling a Chess program just Chess) has been posted. What’s new:

  • Got the AI working in a separate thread. This means the program will no longer apppear to lock up while the AI is thinking. There’s a placeholder progress bar as well. Also, the AI return the best answer it can think of in a fixed amount of time, which will mean more search depth in many situations (but less in some others).
  • Fixed several defects with last week’s new final scoring phase.
    • Allow Undo during final scoring (back to the beginning of the current player’s scoring phase).
    • Autosave during final scoring was corrupting the board. Fixed.
    • Caption during final scoring now says “Final Scoring” rather than “Turn #.”
    • Fixed input handling during final scoring when two pieces occupy the same space.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the game to always set up as if for Green player scoring first, even if you had told it to go straight from gameplay to Red player scoring. Basically, if Green finished before Red within the allowed 120 turns, everything would break.
  • Added error handler for the case where you try to move into an occupied square.
  • Integrated better button art and applause sound.

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