Boston Coardboard Game Jam, Day 1

Boston Game JamsI spent the whole day yesterday at the Fall 2011 Cardboard Jam. The theme for the jam is “Occupy,” whatever that word suggests to you.

I ended up joining a team with Jonathan Venezian and Ed Su. We interpreted the theme mechanically, taking cues from games (say, Acquire) where a stream of game pieces occupies the board, with play based on the structures that form. That served as the back end to a neat idea Jonathan wanted to work with in the dice/dexterity game area.

Overall, it’s going well. We had something playable quickly, and gravitated to a fairly simple but sound game (“simple” being the order of the day if you want to get in a lot of plays in the game jam format). By dinnertime the game was in fairly good shape, and we were all mentally exhausted. So we broke there.

The event starts up again bright and early this morning, and here I am up even earlier. Did I mention “exhausted?” Well, early to bed, early to rise.

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