Version 0.4 is Up

Version 0.4.0 of my Salta project has been posted. The first thing you’ll notice is an actual installer. Other notes:

  • The game now autosaves on exit (unless it’s in a Game Over state)
  • Sound! Only a few, but it’s a big difference.
  • The button array was getting crowded, so now there’s a separate menu screen for things that don’t need to be quite so accessible from in-game
  • Added “New Game” button, now that (because of autosave) you can’t start a new game any other way
  • Various AI changes, generally making it a bit smarter.
  • Game detects when either side is left with only disadvantageous jumps to choose from, and plays a somewhat applause-like sound in congratulations
  • Changed the way the Undo buffer works. You can no longer undo an entire game, but you can still undo plenty.
  • Implemented final scoring! It’s not particularly explained, but after the end of regular play, any side that doesn’t have all its pieces parked yet has to count the moves required to do so, taking that number as a (penalty) score.


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