Fall 2011 Cardboard Jam Announced

Boston Game JamsBoston Game Jams is organizing their Fall 2011 Cardboard Jam this weekend, Oct. 8th and 9th. Our old friends the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab are hosting.

Clearly, it is my destiny. Board game design is not exactly my comfort zone, which seems like all the more reason to go, however much impostor syndrome may be telling me otherwise.

If you’re interested, plenty of registrations are still available as of this writing.

One thought on “Fall 2011 Cardboard Jam Announced”

  1. Hi Tim,

    Glad to hear you’re joining us for the jam. Many people who come to Cardboard Jams (judging by last April’s, the first I’ve held) are moving out of their normal comfort zone for design (and for some it’s a rare chance to actually focus on design, rather than art or programming), but you’re right that it’s part of what makes the jam worthwhile.

    See you on Saturday!

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