One Degree of Separation iOS Roundup

Three new mobile gamesThere must be something in the water causing old colleagues of mine to release iOS games this fall. I know of at least three either recently released or coming soon (one of them also multi-platform for Android devices).

First (in alphabetical, if not chronological, order) is Tiger Style’s Lost Mars. The connection here is with Tiger Style founder Randy Smith, who I worked with on Thief. Anybody following the iOS game scene should already be familiar with Tiger Style’s debut offering, the multiple award-winning Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor. Tiger Style has let it be known for quite a while that their sophomore game was in the works, but are only now announcing Lost Mars, calling it “one part Metroid, one part 1970’s-era sci-fi film, and one part… gardening.” I’m expecting more details after the debut at Austin’s Juegos Rancheros event next week.

Meanwhile, industry vet (from way back in the System Shock days) Arthur Min has released Pai Gow Fever. This is hardly the first iOS implementation of Pai Gow Poker, but it has come out of the gate strongly rated. Knowing nothing about Pai Gow and only as much as the next fellow about Poker, this is bound to be an education for me. But, knowing Art to be both a big Poker fan and a top-notch developer, I’m confident.

Finally, there’s Wind-Up Knight, from indie studio Robot Invader. I used to work with Robot Invader honcho Chris Pruett back at Vicarious Visions. He’s the kind of extra-clever guy you want to work with. Wind-Up Knight is promising challenging action and platform-showcase graphics, which sets it apart from the usual casual games market on mobile devices.

Seems like there’s a trend of interest in indie development lately, and I can see why. It’s making me a little jealous! But if that’s the price of having more interesting stuff like this being attempted, I’m on board to be a lot jealous.

2 thoughts on “One Degree of Separation iOS Roundup”

  1. Spider was great and I’m uber excited about Lost Mars!

    with so many friends releasing iOS games, why not something new coming from you? *hint* I haven’t seen many stealth games on iOS, almost none. ;) *hint*

  2. Ha! If I were to do a stealth game on iOS, it’d probably end up taking a lot of cues from Luis Barriga’s awesome design for 2003’s Bruce Lee: Return of the Legend for GBA (of course, I’m biased on the topic). It’s such a different use-case than the Thief games.

    Of course, that’s even assuming going the route of spinning up a studio for the job. There’s something to be said for being able to cut your teeth on a little one-man game.

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