2009 GCAP Keynote Speech

I’ve decided that there’s been a glaring omission on this site. A couple of years ago I was invited to give a speech at the Game Connect Asia Pacific conference. “Cool,” I thought, “I’ve never been to Australia.” Then, having accepted the invitation, I found out later that I’d been scheduled at the keynote, this fact having somehow not been communicated to me. “Oh, shit,” I thought.

So, here you go: the first time I ever keynoted an event. I tried to keep in mind all of the things I’d seen go wrong with keynotes before. Some were depressing. Some were just sales pitches. Some were pure fluff. I did feel I had to promote the game I was talking about (because, hey, that was part of my job), but do it by providing substantive information about our techniques, and by firing up the attendees for the rest of the conference.

There’s a part of me for which that “Oh, shit” moment has never worn off, even though I got a lot of positive comments about the speech later. It wasn’t too hokey? I didn’t cause a scandal by comparing soldiers and sex trade workers?

But, you know, if I’m going to do a blog in the first place, I really can’t be thinking like that. That way lies madness. Not the good “so crazy it just might work” madness, either.

Australia was awesome, though.

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